Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024


Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 протягом тижня проходитиме низка різноманітних та цікавих подій, включаючи the Solana KUMEKATHON! Meetup, VC <> Startup Connect. Kyiv edition, Incrypted Conference 2024, KUMEKATHON!, ETH Kyiv Hackathon, After Party та багато іншого.

Ця серія подій збирає лідерів і ентузіастів Web3 із такими відомими іменами, як Solana, Cointelegraph, та Step Finance Кожна подія пропонує унікальні ідеї, можливості для спілкування та глибоке занурення в останні тенденції та інновації у світі блокчейну та Web3.

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Online June 14-20, 2024 BeeWorking, Kyiv

KUMEKATHON! by Kumeka Team & Solana Foundation

This hackathon will last 7 days and aims to create a breakthrough web3 startup that will be appreciated both by the Ukrainian and global web3 community. The winners receive $200,000 in prize money, grants and seed funding, opportunity to pitch the project at UBW'24 and to the C-Level Managers of Solana Foundation, and media support from Incrypted for a total of $10,000. The coworking space will serve as a meeting point for all the participants that wish to expand networking opportunities to an offline format (address may be found below).

Offline June 19, 2024 National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kyiv

Web3 Education in Ukraine

​This year, as a part of Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024, Solus Group in collaboration Incrypted, will organize the Educational Web3 event for students from all over Ukraine. ​As the first event of that kind, it will provide you with different topics and ways to boost yourself in the Web3 on top of invaluable insights and practical knowledge from students who are already making waves in the Web3 sphere.

Offline June 20 Kyiv, Ukraine

Bitcoin Meetup UA

When you know almost everything about Bitcoin, privacy is something you should feel confident about. At the meeting, we will learn about obvious and not so obvious attacks on privacy in the Bitcoin network, and ways to counter them. How to fight Bitcoin metadata analysis with Nym mixnet and vice versa - how Bitcoin helps make the internet more secure!

Online June 20-22, 2024

Incrypted Online Marathon

Get ready for the Incrypted Online Marathon 2024, an unique online event during the Ukrainian Blockchain Week. This virtual conference will feature founders and executives from global Web3 projects such as Solana, Linea, WhiteBIT, OKX, and more.

Offline June 21-23, 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

ETH Kyiv Hackathon

ETHKyiv, the first-ever Ethereum hackathon in Kyiv, takes place from June 21-23 with $100,000+ in prizes! Join developers, students, and enthusiasts for innovative projects, workshops, and talks by over 30 speakers from top web3 protocols like Eigen Layer, Ether Fi, Ethereum Foundation, Intmax, bloXroute, Scroll, Starknet, MetaMask, GnosisChain and more.

Offline June 21, 2024 UNIT.City, B12 - Kyiv, Ukraine

Solana KUMEKATHON! Meetup

Organized by Incrypted and Kumeka Teams, this Solana Meetup is dedicated to the upcoming KUMEKATHON! and Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024.

Offline June 22, 2024 GNRTR Coworking, Kyiv

KEC & NYM Meetup

This side event is organized by KEC and NYM with the aim to discuss NYM and ETH in Ukraine, the latest technical news, NYM VPN testing, and how to set up gateway nodes. Among the speakers are NYM CEO Harry Halpin, Software Dev Yana Matrosova, CEO of Beyond Volodymyr Prysiazhniuk, and other surprise guests to be announced soon.

Offline June 22, 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

VC <> Startup Connect. Kyiv edition

This year, as a part of Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024, Cointelegraph Accelerator will embark on a highly anticipated collaboration with the biggest Ukrainian media, Incrypted, and the largest Ukrainian growth studio, SOLUS Group. This exclusive event aims to harness the synergy of invite-only investors, startups, and other projects involved in growing the web 3.0 ecosystem.

Offline June 23, 2024 Kyiv, Ukraine

Incrypted Conference 2024

The premier event within Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 will gather founders and executives from leading Web3 companies to share their perspectives of Web3 technologies in Ukraine.

Attended by industry leaders


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